Protect Your House Paint From Environment

Rainy season is loved by all of us. Some of like to get wet in the rain while some of us like to sit in the balcony with a warm cup of coffee. However, the rain may be worse for your exterior house paint if certain measures are not taken in time.

Our house is constantly exposed to the harsh rain. There is a lot of moisture in the air in monsoon. This moisture can affect your house painting and the color. Other environmental factors like UV rays, dust, etc can also damage your paint excessively. With appropriate measures, you can protect exterior house paint from losing it’s aesthetic due to the humid weather. Here are some of the tips that you can use to protect your house form the monsoon.

house paint cracks

High-quality water resistance paint
Always choose a high-quality paint which resists water. You can find paints with different level of water resistance. These paints can be a little expensive compared to other low-quality paints. But, it has a lot of benefits which makes it worth the price. These kinds of paints are water resistant, UV rays resistant, elastic and also easy to use. You can consult with us for the types of paint to use while painting your house. This is a must have to protect your house paint.

Use primer paints
The most important benefit of using a primer is to ensure proper adhesion of the paint to the substrate. Primer paints are also known to prevent dust and water absorption. Primers also reduce the suction of the top paint coats into the substrate. Primer paints prevent alkali and efflorescence attacks.

Use light color curtain
A light colored curtain lets maximum amount of sunlight pass into the house. This helps in absorbing all the moistures present in the wall and don’t let the paint to fade away. It not only protects your wall but also protects your wood furniture and decorations.

protecting your hose paint

Use wall putty
Wall putty is applied before the painting process and is known to protect water seepage. Wall care putty combines with plaster to make a stronger bond with paint and makes it longer lasting and durable. It prevents flaking of expensive coats of paints. Wall putty also brings the true color or shape of the paint. It is also eco-friendly.

Timely check for the seepage in the walls

If you apply above measures while painting your house, there is a very less chance of the paint getting damaged. However, you need to timely check in the walls if there are any leaks.

Consult with the house painting experts of Alexander Brown & Associates to know more about protecting your house paints from the external environmental conditions. We would love to help you.