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Kitchen renovations

As experienced professional in Ottawa, ON, we believe kitchen renovation is a project that many people dream of having competed. Even though some house owners delay the project for years, finding some excuses. This happens often because they completely miss the advantages of kitchen renovations.

It can be difficult to prepare wholesome meals in an inefficient kitchen. Having a cooking space which is uninviting stops some from preparing healthy meals that they and their family should be eating.

In many homes, kitchen is also a place for eating, gathering, studying, or even running a home business.

Kitchen renovation can help to solve this need for space and create you a beautiful area where you can do a lot of things. Renovating your kitchen can make you a more productive person. It can inspire you to make some of the greatest achievements of your life.

Alexander Brown and Assoc, the kitchen remodeling contractors in Ottawa, can help you with all kinds of kitchen renovating things. Our staff offers you a personal guidance through the many selections to help you get the space you imagine. Our very own experienced employees will be on your project continuously. Our employees take pride that they are responsible for the day to day activity and your final product.

We have been working as a kitchen remodeling contractors for around 2 decades. Our highly qualified and professional kitchen design expert staff’s have helped us to become one of the best kitchen renovating companies in Ottawa, ON.

We have created many ideal kitchen designs in Ottawa which has enhanced our customer’s lifestyle.

Alexander Brown and Assoc. is your partner from the start, working with you to design your project, define your budget, and navigate the remodeling process.

Unlike most kitchen renovation companies, who will build just the kitchen and install it, we provide full-service kitchen renovations.

Some of our kitchen renovation services are

  • Pull the old kitchen out
  • Remove or add walls as needed
  • Build the kitchen including custom cabinetry and kitchen islands
  • Replace gib board (Aqualine is used in wet areas)
  • Plasterer prepares walls
  • Painters color the walls to the chosen color
  • Lay new flooring
  • Install kitchen cabinets
  • Install glass splashbacks
  • Complete the required lighting and electrical work
  • Complete the plumbing and gas work

In a typical kitchen renovation work, our craftsman will work in a way that minimizes disruption to your home. Our customers admire us for completing projects on schedule while keeping the work area neat and tidy.

We always want our customers to say us “well done” and we understand the importance of it, which includes all aspects of the project from start to finish.